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About Clean Stories

What Is Clean Stories?

We’re an Ankeny-based cleaning service with a sole mission of providing quality and commitment-based cleaning options to those who need it most.

Our Core Values

Community, Purpose, and Trust

The “Why” Behind Our Company

We understand that not everyone is in the best situation or may need a little assistance from time to time, which is one of the reasons why Clean Stories was founded. Our goal is to provide help where that help is needed within our community. We understand that being allowed to provide this service gives us our sense of purpose, and knowing we can do a good thing and provide a helping hand to those in need is one of our values that we hold to the highest regard.

Trust in this world is hard to come by, and we wish to help break that cycle by providing some of the most thoughtful cleaners who share our mission and values to our community. We would love to be invited into your homes to help you live your best life.

Your Trusted Cleaning Company in the Ankeny Area

Clean Stories provides homes and certain commercial properties throughout the Ankeny area with affordable and dependable cleaning services. We believe everyone deserves a clean environment, and we’d be happy to help with our quality cleaning options that won’t break the bank.
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